The power to achieve the impossible lies in your hand

It is you who decides how you're going to shape the foundation of your future. Only positive thoughts alone will not benefit you in any shape or form until you do not begin to believe and manifest them within yourself..

Affirmation Junction
Affirmation Junction

Affirming on loop makes your mind believe

When you begin affirming on loop your unconscious mind starts believing the words you keep repeating, until one day those words become reality.

These success stories are more than just words

Steve Harvey

Like attracts like. You have to understand: you are a magnet. Whatever you are, that’s what you draw to you. If you’re negative, you’re going to draw negativity. You positive? You draw positive. You’re a kind person? Most people are kind to you…If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. This is so true.

Corner Mcgregor

If you can see it here (in your head), and you have enough courage to speak it, it will happen. I see these shots, I see these sequences and I don’t shy away from them. A lot of times people believe in certain things but they keep to themselves. They don’t put it out there. If you truly believe in it and become vocal with it, you are creating that law of attraction and it will become reality.

Jim carrey

I wrote myself a check for $10 million for acting services rendered and I gave myself 3 years. I dated it Thanksgiving 1995 and I put it in my wallet and it deteriorated and deteriorated. Then, just before Thanksgiving 1995, I found out that I was going to make $10 million on Dumb and Dumber.

Affirmation Junction

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Attitude of gratitude

Always cherish and be thankful towards everything and everyone. For everything you appreciate and are thankful about, attracts more of it in your life.