About Me

Hello believers and positive thinkers,

My name is Viraj Pathare and I write today to let some of the load off my chest and also to spread awareness and positivity about the wonderful concept of laws of attraction and manifestation.

Most of you may already be veterans of the concept but when I found out about it, I ridiculed it to such an extent that the person who told me about it belittled me as to how narrow my thinking was and that I had to be rather more accepting and liberal about things that were beyond my comprehension.

I was a drug abuser for the most part of my life and I write this today as a 30-year-old man who has stayed clean for t 4 months now, which, if I give it a thought, was IMPOSSIBLE for me to achieve.

I was a substance abuser for round about 12 years. Initially, I got into it thinking it was cool and I would be considered an outcast had I not indulged in these activities.

Slowly but surely, it became a part of my life that I couldn’t live without. I wasn’t proud about it, but I was hooked. I derived immense pleasure from it and also used these substances to disconnect from the fabric of reality.

While I was abusing various substances, I was still responsible towards my duties and my career goals. One such endeavor led me to travel to Canada to pursue my further studies. Substances were available out there with such ease that I didn’t even have to ask for them. Let’s just say I was attracting these things everywhere I went.

That’s when it dawned on me that I am digging up a hole for myself which I will eventually fall into and won’t be able to get out of. I was sitting and sulking about the fact that I have let drugs consume me to such an extent that I needed it more than I needed to breathe.

Eventually, I reached out to a friend. That person was someone who I had just befriended in Canada and was a Canadian himself. He told me about manifestation and how it had helped him get a job when he had hit rock bottom in terms of finances the year before.

I didn’t want to believe some mumbo-jumbo about manifesting your desires into reality just by channeling your thoughts. I did chuckle the first time I heard about it from him, not going to lie, but the benevolent human being he was, he kept pushing me towards reading and researching about LOA and affirmations.

No, I didn’t start with “THE SECRET”. I logged on to YouTube like a millennial and started watching videos about it and how it has helped people WALK AFTER being told by medical authorities that they will never be able to walk? Or how someone who was diagnosed with cancer was magically cured only through uplifting his vibrations?

Yeah, my mind was blown so hard that I needed a minute to gather myself and understand the potential these LOAs have in them.

Before you know it I was watching videos of Dr.Joe Dispenza, Louise Hay, Bob Baker, to name a few. Watching videos was one part actually acting on it was another.

Once you decide that you want to do something there’s no force of nature that can stop you from achieving it if you put enough work into it. Voila, I had already started my journey towards manifesting myself out of the void that I thought would be impossible to plunge out of.

I used to affirm to myself every day that I do not need any substance, I do not need anything that will make me lose my grip over reality, I am stronger without it, I am powerful without it, I will be accepted if I am not partaking in these activities. I wanted to be aware, I wanted to be alert, I wanted to be vigilant. I wanted to be authoritative over my life and not the opposite.

It was difficult at first. I have had nights where I slept for an hour and had to head out to Uni to study. I have had times where I felt I was zoning out, where I felt the urge to overeat. The only saving grace for me during those withdrawals were affirmations. I affirmed to myself about all those things I thought were pulling me back down to my vices in an uphill battle to stay clean.

Well, the vibrations that I was emitting out in the universe were so powerful that the universe decided to bless me with an abundant will to quit and stay clean and eventually I did! I won that battle.

It’s been 4 months that I am clean today. It’s not a lot to most of you but people who understand how difficult it is to get out of a bad habit that you have been so actively practicing for more than 10 years will know that affirmations do work only if you make them work for you.

I continue to practice grateful affirmations every day. That is my little way of saying thank you to the universe. This blog is a byproduct of me being grateful too. I hope LOAs and affirmations touches your lives and changes it for the better too.

Love and light to you.