In these trying times, it is difficult to stay positive. It is undeniable that a lot of us have lost a lot of time and a lot of opportunities because we were confined to our four walls. But nonetheless, we should never forget the luxury we are surrounded by. These gratitude affirmations will help you keep your thankfulness in check.

Gratitude does not mean that you should be thankful for the things we possess only when you deem fit. Gratitude in simple words means that you are thankful and appreciative at all times. It is a continual process of appreciating the things we own on a regular basis.

It’s like clockwork. You have to be appreciative of all the things that surround you. This does not mean being thankful for only materialistic things, it means being content with everything that envelopes you.

For instance, I am thankful for the air I breathe, I am thankful for the sunlight, I am thankful for my teachers, etc. Much like how daily positive affirmations work, but gratitude affirmations are about thanking the universe for all that it has provided you with.

This helps you establish one fact, you are not a complete entity by yourself but you are an embodiment of all the things that surround you and your existence depends on it.

You have to always appreciate the fact that without the input of several factors around you from the universe you would cease to exist- That is gratitude.

What is the meaning of gratitude?

Gratitude is a feeling. It is a feeling of appreciating and thankfulness for people, places and things. Some people are in a temporary state of it and some are in disposition.

The former meaning that they are grateful only when put in certain situations and their gratefulness fades gradually. The latter meaning that those people have stronger levels of gratitude than others and might feel thankful and may seek more opportunities to be thankful than the others.

It is a feeling of being thankful for the food you eat, sense of taste, the sounds you hear, the clothes you wear, for the love you feel, for the car you drive, the bus you can take, a promotion you got, something negative that turned out to be a blessing.

It is the feeling that makes you enjoy the meaning and essence of life so much that it makes you give some love back to the universe.

Why is gratitude so powerful?

Over the years the gratitude has lost its essence. In ancient china gratitude held such a significance in peoples lives that they literally vowed to return favors in the afterlife if they couldn’t do so in their current lives.

Through gratitude you learn to value what you already possess. When the feeling of gratefulness sets in, you feel content and satisfied. If you are satisfied with what you have it helps you avert any form of negativity, especially because of the things you do not have.

This weaves the path for you to become resilient. Resilience makes you springboard out of the obstacles or setbacks that life has created for you and helps you focus.

You can then use this focus to boost the betterment of your life with, some work, daily effort and the right action.

Gratitude is energetic in many ways because when you are grateful you feel immense happiness and feeling immense happiness is just another way of opening a stream of positivity in your mind. This is a very powerful method in overcoming depression, anxiety and your inhibitions to name a few.

Why is gratitude so hard?

Over the years our ability to be thankful for the things we have or the things we get has deteriorated. The simple reason behind this is because we are consumed by them and we fail to see the reason behind us having those things altogether.

We believe that we are entitled to certain things because of which the very essence of it is nullified.

We focus more on things we do not have, or the things we could have had or should have and the things that other people own and start to develop this emptiness from within.

We try to fill the void of not having something with jealous or hate. It happens subconsciously and involuntarily but it does exist.

Whilst being caught in this web of negativity and entitlement we forget to rejoice life for what it is. We have resorted to believing that the happiness in our life is only tethered to things on the exterior.

Gratitude is Hard

Every waking minute you spend thinking about the things you could have had and keep churning that negativity mentally, which eventually piles up to something of monstrous proportions, you forget to enjoy the deeper and richer meaning of life.

All these factors direct us towards a place which makes you negate gratitude and shuns our point of view towards happy and positive times.

How do you teach gratitude to children?

Gratitude is not something that is innate. You are not born with it. It is a behavior that you learn over the years. There was a study conducted amongst children where, if the children felt gratitude towards things they were less stressed, optimistic, lack of negative attitude and reported more life satisfaction,

Gratitude can be imbibed in children from a very young age. Its like building a foundation to a building

It is particularly easy to develop if your parents or grandparents use it on a regular basis. Gratitude can be taught and gratitude can be learnt.

Make it a habit to be grateful for things. Teach children how to speak about one thing they are grateful for on that particular day. Make it ritual to do so everyday. Although it may looked forced in the beginning. Once they understand the reason behind it, the gratitude tends to flow naturally.

 Gratitude in children

Help kids understand that difficult situations are just a passing phase and that they should look at it as a lesson more than a burden. It will help them cushion the blow from any sort of resentment or loss.

Teach them to be thankful when receiving things from someone. This will help them understand that even the smallest act of kindness can go a long way for people.

Powerful Gratitude affirmations of laws of attraction.
  1. I Thank the universe for everything it gave me.
  2. Every person I interact.
  3. I embrace each day with gratitude.
  4. I am grateful for all my dreams as I know that they are now manifesting into reality.
  5. I am blessed with abundant luxuries
  6. I see a lot of improvements and I am grateful for them.
  7. I am perpetually in a state of gratitude
  8. I am thankful for all the learning and all the growing.
  9. I am grateful for all the friends I have.
  10. I am so grateful for everything that keeps getting better.
  11. I am thankful for my ability to do my tasks regularly.
Gratitude affirmations to attract wealth.
  1. I am thankful for the wealth that is floating around me.
  2. I am grateful for becoming wealthier every day.
  3. Money comes to me with ease and I am grateful for it.
  4. I am thankful for the constant flow of money in my life
  5. I am thankful for the gift of a wealth mindset.
  6. I am grateful for the abundance of money I have.
  7. I am grateful for everything I receive.
  8. I am thankful for my healthy bank balance.
  9. I am grateful for the wealthy and influential network I have
  10. I am thankful for all the wealth that flows towards me from all the directions.
Gratitude affirmations for success.
  1. I am grateful for all the success and power I have
  2. I am thankful that my mind is free of resistance and is open to new opportunities.
  3. I am grateful for all the success that life has to offer me.
  4. I am thankful that I was chosen to be deserving of all the good in life
  5. I am thankful to the universe for filling my life with endless opportunities.
  6. I am thankful for the ability to recognize opportunity and seize it.
  7. I am grateful for all the help I have received in attaining all my goals.
  8. I am grateful about the fact that with my success I create opportunity for others.
  9. I am grateful for the natural problem-solving ability I possess.
  10. I celebrate each and every milestone with joy and a lot of gratitude.
Dream job gratitude affirmations
  1. I am grateful to the universe for giving me my dream job.
  2. I am thankful to the universe for this new opportunity it has presented to me.
  3. I am thankful for the highest level of competency I have for my job.
  4. I am thankful for to the universe for making me worthy enough for this dream job.
  5. I am thankful to the universe for this lovely job environment I have.
  6. I am thankful that my talents and my career are now in alignment.
  7. I am grateful that I attract only positive out comes at my dream job
  8. I am thankful for this high paying dream job that I now have.
  9. I am thankful that I have found my new happy place at this job.
  10. I am grateful that this job is way more rewarding than the previous job.
To conclude.

Like what master Shifu from Kungfu Panda says, you have to attain inner peace. There is more to that line than what it seems.

If you have gratitude for the things around you, the universe has funny ways to give surprises back to you. Not only will you be able to focus better on things that need your valuable time and thought but also, you will attain mental peace.

Even if you do not wish to be loud about it, just using daily gratitude affirmations mentally for various things that you encounter on a daily basis can change the way your life unravels.

Always remember the law of attraction of magnetism in such instances “the only energy we attract is the kind of energy we release out into the world”. So, if you’re releasing gratitude into the world, the world will show gratitude towards you and that in itself speaks in volumes.

If you have any story about how saying daily gratitude affirmations or thankful affirmations has helped you or someone you know, do let me know in the comments below, as I love reading/listening about such case studies.

Apart from that the readers on the blog itself might just be inspired by the stories you share.