The words law of attraction affirmations have probably fallen on your ears and may have left you wondering do they actually work or is it just another swindle?

It is tough to believe someone when they tell you, if you apply enough stress on your thoughts by focusing positively on your goals and dreams, one day, they may actually come true.

But is it enough for us only to think in one direction and have everything we desire?

Also, if it were that simple why is everyone not successful? Why doesn’t everyone just think about their goals and have everything they have always wanted? Why don’t people learn to manifest the things they want overnight?

For a whole bunch of us, this journey into believing the laws of attractions and daily affirmations began after the movie “The Secret”.

Ever since the information about these laws and daily affirmations has been copious. However, people were left dejected after they failed to experience the effects of these laws.

What is the law of attraction affirmations and how it works?

The law of attraction has a very simple definition attached to it. What you think and what you believe, is what you will attract, regardless of the fact if it is something good or something callous.

If you think about an affirmation, for instance, ” I will get this done” immediately followed by the words “but how will I do it”? You are setting yourself up for disappointment with that sort of self-doubt.

The law of attraction asks of you to look within your subconscious to decode the true meaning of your own life. It wants you to go beyond your comfort zone and start thinking only in a positive direction.

Affirmations are one way of training your mind to only think about positivity. The law expects you to rise above your negative thoughts only with the mere ability to think and use your positivity to its full potential.

Having a positive attitude towards any problem can give you an edge over it without you having to even do anything. The reason behind this being that positive thoughts can inject a sense of preparations and strength in your subconscious mind against any given situation.

So if you are focused on all the good aspects of life good things will be pulled towards you magnetically.

What are the 7 laws of attraction?

  1. The law of manifestation
    • When you consciously begin to make a choice about the things that you want to focus on, things that add value to your life, you will begin to manifest those things.
    • This law states that the thing you constantly think about will be reflected in your reality.
    • Your mind is a very powerful tool that you can use to manifest anything you want.
    • So in simpler terms, the more positive thoughts you have, the better the things you will attract in life.
  2. The law of magnetism
    • The only energy we humans attract is the same kind of energy that we release out into the world.
    • Like our universe, we are made up of vibrations or energy, so according to the law of magnetism, the energy we put out in the universe is the same energy we attract to ourselves.
    • Just like the universe never stop emitting energy, we humans don’t stop emitting vibrations too.
    • This is why it is critical for us to emit the right kind of energy because if we emit negative energy, that is what we are going to get in return.
  3. The law of unwavering desire
    • This law talks about having a desire or drive to actually get what you want.
    • Ever so often we begin to desire multiple things that don’t hold any importance to us, for instance, you might want to buy a fancy sports car, but deep within you may either want to have enough money to travel the world or enough money to buy a house.
    • Till the point you are not certain about what you want, let alone have the passion or drive to achieve it, you are not going to manifest it.
    • So, the desire to achieve what you want in life needs to be absolutely clear and solid for the law of desire to work its charm.
  4. The law of delicate balance
    • One of the most essential roots of the law of attraction affirmations is balance.
    • You must learn to have gratitude towards the things you already possess at present so that you can repel desperation, anxiety and obsession about your dreams and goals.
    • When you get too desperate to get what you want, the negativity caused by the obsession actually pushes you farther away from receiving it.
    • Thinking about what you have in hand right now and being thankful about it whilst thinking positively and not obsessively about your dreams will make you cherish everything you receive.
  5. The law of harmony
    • Everything in the universe including us are connected to one another through various vibrational sources.
    • The law of harmony was established for us to tap into the deep-seated power we carry to align ourselves with the vibrations of the universe.
    • Once we are in harmony with the vibrations we are opening doors to what the world has to offer, which means more abundance, more creativity and the one of absolute importance, more of what we desire.
    • Aligning with the universe gives us the power to manifest at the highest level possible.
  6. The law of right action
    • Every day we face certain situations that put us in a spot where we have the chance to treat others in a particular way.
    • The choice is in our hands at such times, whether we chose to treat others badly or treat them nicely.
    • The law of right action states that when you are navigating through life you must always try and spread positivity around you because that is what the world will throw back at you.
    • So the adulation and the purity you let out in the world will somehow find its way back to you.
  7. The law of Universal influence
    • The law of influence essentially means that we have an influence on everything we do or say in the world.
    • This means that our family, friends and even strangers who we meet are impacted by the type of energy we release.
    • The impact of the energy released by you stays in every corner of the world since everything and everyone is connected.
    • By making a conscious effort to release nothing but positive energy you are weaving the path for positive energy to come back to you.
    • So being mindful about releasing positive energy since it is stored in every crevice of the world could be a step towards planting a seed of prosperity in our destiny.

What are some law of attraction techniques that work?

Let’s look at the laws of attraction as the base of a house and affirmations as the walls and roof. To make the walls stronger there are a few more steps you can include.

You need to start having a positive attitude towards everything you do. We all have certain limitations and negativities in our subconscious that could use some undoing and replacement with something rather more positive and empowering.

Now, that is easier said than done. So here is a list of some law of attraction techniques that you could use to make your affirmations even more powerful.

  1. Keep a track of your emotions
    • Always make sure you keep your emotions in check. The universe has a very funny way of mirroring how we feel and painting an honest picture about it to us. If you want something amazing to happen make sure you’re always positive and trying your best to spread it around.
  2. Note down all the problems
    • Noting down all your problems is a good habit to inculcate. Doing so will give you a mood board about your problems. This way you will be able to single out what problem bothers you when.
    • This will also help you get some load off your chest, it is equivalent to talking to a friend. It may also help you notice that those problems you perceive as magnanimous could just have been you making a mountain out of a molehill.
  3. Focus on the desire
    • Staying focused on the desire does not mean obsessing over it. It means to stay focused and not digressing from the end goal even though your mind may be clouded with other worries.
  4. Learn to control the monkey in your mind
    • Your mind is like a monkey jumping from one tree to the other. In this context, the trees are your varying thoughts and the monkey of course is your mind that you have to tame in order to stay focused.
    • One way to subdue your fickle mind is to meditate. Focus on your breathing, pay close attention to every breath you inhale and exhale. Keep counting the number of breaths you take. This way you can train your mind to be one-tracked.
  5. Visualize
    • It is important for you to visualize what the end result of your goal is. It helps you invoke this feeling of accomplishment that nourishes your will to keep pushing you towards your goals all the more.
    • You can visualize your dreams before bedtime every night and once after you get up in the morning as doing so in the morning has the best effect to manifest it.
Here is a list of 29 laws of affirmations that you could use to manifest your life.

I am able to create anything I want.


Good things are on their way to me.


I attract money with ease and effortlessly.


I always attract joy and fun in my life.


I attract prosperity in my life effortlessly.


I am successful.


My life is full of abundance.


My dreams manifest into a reality effortlessly.


I am creative, passionate and empowered.

Law of attraction affirmations

The opportunities in front of me are endless.


Things that I desire the most come to me with ease.


I always have positive results.


My life is manifesting according to what I want through the powers of the law of attraction.


I am surrounded by abundance.


The law of attraction always works in my favor.


I am focused on my goals.


I deserve to have everything life has to offer.


I invite all the good in the universe towards me.


I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

Law of attraction affirmations

I am the best version of myself every day.


The flow of all the good in my life has begun.


I am surrounded by prosperity.


My actions create constant opportunities.


I attract and retain healthy relationships in my life.


I achieve the best results in all that I do.


Everything I desire is going to be mine.


I am a force that can achieve anything.


I am receptive to all the prosperity life has to offer me.


I chose to be kind to myself and others I meet.

In conclusion, the law of attraction means that you firmly believe in your dreams and won’t let even a single grain of negativity deter you from your desires.

While affirmations essentially mean to bolster the thoughts in your mind and assert them till they become one with reality.

There are no age restrictions, no weight limitations, or height criteria you require to get started with the law of attractions and affirmations and get what you desire. Your energies, vibrations, positivity, dedication and focus is all you need to pull this off.

You can even use multiple techniques of the law of attractions to fulfill one desire. As long as you stay focused, do not get too obsessed and desperate. At the end of the day the energies that you emit are the same energies the universe will throw back at you.

So as long as you are trying to manifest things the right way and have grattidue for the things you have at present there won’t be any force that can stop you from achieving what is yours.

If you have any success stories you would like to share with me feel free to comment below because I love hearing how people have turned their life around just through affirmations and positivity.