The 21st of January 2020 is marked as one of the most dreadful days in the history of the United States. Why you may ask? Well, the answer is simple. Today is the 21st of January 2021, which means it’s been one year since the first case in the USA of the Novel Corona Virus or COVID-19.

The first case of COVID-19 that actually caused an outburst of the virus that eventually claimed hundreds and thousands of lives which eventually called for a lockdown to avoid further loss of lives, was detected in Seattle, on the 21st of January 2021.

Unfortunate for the citizens, the man who was in his mid 30’s had travelled back home to Seattle two days before they started screening and quarantining people for the virus.

Fear in the frontline workers.

By the beginning of January Wuhan was already clocking more than 100 cases every day and had already initiated their lockdown where no residents were allowed to leave their house under any circumstance. They even locked their borders so that no one leaves or enters the City.

This obviously meant that the news about the lockdown had spread like wildfire. But what was still unknown was how to control the outbreak. When the first case of the virus was detected in the United States the health care workers were fearful for their own lives.

It was like embarking on a journey into a dark forest that probably had no light at the end. There was and still is an immense fear within all the frontline workers that their lives were and are in jeopardy since they had seen all the effects, the transmissibility and the deaths caused by the Virus in Wuhan.

The lockdown

one year since the first case in the USA

Remember the time we all thought that the lockdown is only going to last a few weeks and then life is going to go back to normal? Yes, seemed like a distant dream right after the second lockdown was imposed followed by the third one.

Today, One year since the first COVID 19 case in the USA, looking back at all the time we spent cooped up in our houses, condos or rooms, it is difficult to believe that we made it.

Who would have thought that we could actually live life by staying indoors 24/7? Wear a face mask just to go run errands. Practice social distancing every step of the way

one year since the first case in the USA

The new norms like work from home, sanitizing your hands, washing your hands for 20 seconds, sanitizing washrooms, hotel rooms, wearing a PPE suit, a face shield and a mask while taking a flight have all become a part of our daily routine now.

There are so many MNC’s like Google, Windows and Facebook who have told their employees that they will have to sit at home and continue working. Which even meant attending meetings from your bedrooms in your formal shirts and pajamas.

Economies of so many countries were derailed because of the lockdown. So many people were laid off, so many people were fired and so many businesses were shut down

Trying times

The most affected of these were small businesses that had to shut shop because of the lockdown. A small business usually runs on a small amount of staff. Managing their salaries, rent and inventory costs would turn into liability had they not closed down. This caused a lot of people to lose their business altogether let alone reopening their shutters.

One year since the first COVID 19 case in the USA

Business owners had to find newer ways to maneuver around and tackle these hurdles. For instance if you had a consultation firm, people started asking their clients to do zoom call meetings.

Since restaurants were shut, business owners turned their restaurants to kitchens and started delivering food directly to homes.

Admits this ordeal, while being confined in their space people started having a lot of gratitude towards things they usually tend to ignore.

The positives

I had a lot of time at hand since I was basically at home doing nothing but random things all day. This gave me an immeasurable amount of time to reflect back and thank the universe for what I have in my life.

Back when this was still causing all the noise in the media, it affected me subconsciously that frontline workers are risking their lives every day so they can help the entire country avoid the spread of this disease while helping the ones who are already affected by it.

The least I have to do is sit at home and although indirectly but unequivocally help them in this battle against this virus.

I started having gratitude towards the luxury of sitting at home, towards the fact that I could sit at home and attend zoom calls with friends and loved ones, towards the fact that my family and myself included were some of the most fortunate ones to dodge the virus and stay uninfected. Getting up every day and thanking the universe for what I am blessed with has become a part of my routine now.

In these trying times, it is absolutely necessary to stay sane and look at things positively. Staying positive and spreading positivity is only going to help you attract more of it. Couple that with gratitude and you have the formula to manifest anything.

Life is full of problems and it’s never easy to sail through its rough waters. But no one ever achieves greatness if they quit right after things start getting hard. Even in the hardest of situations, it is important for us to stay composed and positive.

If you believe in “you become what you think” then that is exactly how things will unravel for you. There are so many examples of people losing their jobs because of the pandemic but have had newer and better opportunities fall in their lap just because they were positive about it and could manifest what they wanted through their thoughts alone.

In conclusion

A lot of people began to lose heart once they saw their dreams and goals begin to crumble right in front of their eyes.

Feeling like that is completely normal and okay. But pondering in it will cause more harm than you know it.

let’s consider the pandemic as a giant swimming pool and the water inside are the problems caused by it and you are in the very center of this pool.

Would you rather stay in the pool of problems and soak and sulk in them or come out of the pool and continue with your day?

We have an incredible ability to adapt to any given situation only if we wish to adapt to it. Being positive alone is not going to help you get out of that pool. When we mix thoughts with actions we can achieve the unthinkable.

While we have so much and in our quest to get more out of life let’s not forget to take a step back and thank the universe for all that we already have and show gratitude towards all that we possess and towards all that we WILL possess.

Affirmations for gratitude

I thank the universe for everything in my life


I am grateful for another day in my life


I am grateful to feel air in my lungs


Appreciation thankfulness and gratitude is what makes me


I invite gratitude in my heart


thank you for the blessings I will receive today


I intentionally chose gratitude


everything works out for the best


I am in a perpetual state of thanksgiving


I chose to be humble


I am grateful for the lessons I learned today


I am grateful for warm showers everyday


I am grateful for the warm meals i eat


I am grateful towards the convenience I have with regards to everything


I am grateful for all the knowledge I have


I am grateful for all my senses


I am grateful for the ability to make wise decisions


I am grateful for my family