The struggle to find affirmations that resonate with you is real, let alone trying to find positive morning affirmations that will make a drastic difference in the way you start your day.

You can forget about being productive if you start your day thinking about all those things that can hinder the flow of positive thoughts in your mind.

I woke up each morning with thoughts that rendered me helpless towards achieving my daily goals. Even before the day began, I felt frazzled and anxious about the rest of the day.

After pondering over the fact that I woke up and felt miserable almost as soon as my eyes open, had started making me emotionally weak. It made me feel like an underachiever which by no means was true.

Before I began deep diving into understanding how positive morning affirmations could change the pace and my outlook towards life. It was necessary to understand what affirmations even mean.

What is an affirmation?

Affirmations, put in layman’s words is validating. Now, applying this to yourself would mean validating something in your subconscious that you initially thought was not possible.

The more you assert these thoughts in your subconscious the more you begin to manifest them. We probably do it on a regular basis even without realizing it.

Imagine you are working out at the gym and you want to push yourself for that one extra rep or if you are jogging and want to go that one extra mile, your mind is constantly battling your body and asking it to push it to the limits.

Eventually, you end up doing that extra rep or running that extra mile only because you have affirmed it within your subconscious that you can achieve what you thought was impossible.

Similarly, if you want to attract positive energy, abundance, success and confidence, using daily affirmations in the morning is one of the best-known practices.

How do you start a positive affirmation?

The voices we hear in our minds actually govern our actions. For instance, if you are in disbelief of the fact that you will never be able to buy a house or you will never be able to find true love, that’s half the battle lost already.

The negative thought’s themselves can deter us from accomplishing our goals.

When you channel your thoughts to only thinking positively and try and cancel out all the negativity out of your mind, you are already on the path to gear yourself up with, confidence, an uplifted mood and chances are, all the success you deserve too.

By enforcing positive affirmations with a little effort on a daily basis and learning how to ignore the negative thoughts, you can turn your life around for the better.

Not only will this help you have a positive outlook towards life, but it will also set you up to boost your productivity, morale and self-esteem.

What is a morning affirmation?

Waking up every morning feeling miserable and directionless can take a toll on how the rest of the day pans out for you.

If you really want to make a difference for yourself with affirmations, inculcate the habit of saying things like “I can”, “I will”, “I must”, everything that is in the first person present tense. Just saying this every morning can help you heaps and bounds to have a positive start to the day.

Get up, do your daily morning routine of brushing your teeth, stretching, etc and go and stand in front of a mirror look into your own eyes and speak with nothing but belief.

Use this time to say short morning affirmations to yourself to instill a form of acceptance, that what you ask, you shall receive. This will help flush out all your negativity which in turn will help propel your mood.

Adding affirmations to your bedtime routine can have tremendous effects on how you feel the following morning too. When you think of positive thoughts before you sleep, your subconscious mind helps imbibe these thoughts in your brain explains Tanya Ince, Ph.D. and money coach.

Do positive morning affirmations work?

Your brain is hardwired in such a way that it molds and sculpts itself to adapt to every circumstance.

This innate behavior is nothing less than a clue to prove that morning affirmation if done the right way could help us shape our future the way we want to see it.

When you prepare yourself for skydiving you imagine yourself jumping out of a plane and try and quell the fear in you. Recreating this situation in your mind helps you calm your nerve.

Similarly, using affirmations everyday on repeat can help your mind take positive action. When you convince your self you can achieve anything, your actions usually follow.

Repeating an affirmation definitely works but only if you work towards it. It’s like driving a car, if you do not accelerate and go the right direction, you will stay stagnant and will not see the wonders affirmations could do for you.

Reciting these affirmations coupled with the law of attractions affirmations could help you boost you towards achieving your goals.

How loud do I have to be while reciting positive morning affirmations?

To see the full effect of affirmations you do not have to shout your affirmations out loud. But, If you are alone and have this immense feeling of screaming, then, by all means, you could. Ideally, the volume of your speech should be just enough for your words to fall on your ears.

The more you hear yourself say it, the better it works. The reason behind this is simple, as long as your voice is overpowering the negative thoughts in your head, your volume is perfect.

That being said, if you keep murmuring the words in your head when it’s not possible to say them out loud works too. However, the more you hear yourself say it, the more you’re fine-tuning your mind to manifest it.

For instance, if you are up next to present a slide or pitch to a new client and you need that extra dose of confidence, it is an excellent inclination to say them in your mind.

At the end of the day, we must remember what our goal is. Some prefer saying it out loud, some like to play it on loop in their minds in regular intervals. You could do it both ways as long as you adhere to saying them, loudly if possible and mentally if not.

51 Powerful morning affirmations you can say.
Positive morning affirmations

I attract astounding opportunities.


I feel healthy and strong today.


I have everything I need to make today a great day within my grasp.


I have all the knowledge to tackle any problem today.


I possess the power to create any change.


I have made peace with who I am.


I am focused and calm.


Today will be an incredible and productive day.


today I will attract only prosperity.


Today I feel healthy and secure.

Positive morning affirmations

I trust my instinct and I will make wise decisions.


I am empowered.


I will always be enough.


I am confident.


I am excited about today.


I am grateful for the life I have.


This is the best day of my life so far.


I will attract only Abundance.


Today I will have an attitude of gratitude.


Today I visualize my highest self and manifest it.

Positive morning affirmations

Something amazing is going to happen to me today.


I will be the best version of myself today.


I am a success magnet.


Everything I want comes to me at the precise moment.


I am content with what I have in my life.


My thoughts will become my reality.


I am grateful for who I am.


I am worthy of great things.


I am worthy of love.


I am worthy of progress.

Positive morning affirmations

I have only positive and fulfilling thoughts.


Today I am full of positive energy.


I have gratitude towards the wealth that keeps flowing to me.


I am in control of my life.


I am capable of achieving anything I set my mind to.


I manifest my desires into reality.


I am capable of manifesting my dreams into reality with ease.


I am blessed with good health and abundant motivation.


My thoughts are always positive under any circumstance.


I am confident both from within and from the outside.

Positive morning affirmations

I am able to learn from my mistakes gracefully.


I have profound love for myself.


I have the ability to handle tense situations calmly.


I am comfortable being with myself.


I am competent.


I am diligent.


I am delightful.


I bring joy in the life of others.


I can heal from any anxiety or unease.


I can embrace change.

Positive morning affirmations

I am fearless enough to tackle any hurdle.

To conclude, positive morning affirmations can make a world of a difference but you have to be willing to let go of the negativity and learn to believe the words you’re trying to manifest.

To weave the path to attracting positive energy, abundance, success, confidence, prosperity, focus, just to name a few, it is imperative to believe these words and to repeat them by including them as a part of your daily routine. Instilling them within your subconscious can reap more benefits than you could ever imagine.

When you first begin with your affirmations they may not be true, but over a period of time when they are etched in your subconscious, they start sounding real and eventually become reality.

There are many such words of affirmations out there, so many that you can create too. So keep speaking and keep manifesting.

Feel free to share your thoughts or your stories of how you used positive morning affirmations to manifest the life you are leading right now because I love to hear about how being positive helps you manifest the life you deserve.